The charm of Tongling changjiang diamond tools blossoms in the 19th Xiamen International Stone Exhibition.

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    The 19th Xiamen International Stone and Stone Tools Exhibition ended smoothly from March 6 to March 9 at 16:00. The exhibition was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is the largest comprehensive exhibition of stone equipment in China. It gathers various kinds of stone materials and stone tools and other related technology exhibitions.


   Tongling changjiang Diamond tools has attracted many Chinese and foreign businessmen with its elaborate preparation, exquisite technical level, high-quality and high-performance stone drills, grinding wheels, saw blades and other products.Our staff always communicate with the exhibitors with full enthusiasm and patience. Through the explanations of our staff, the characteristics and advantages of our products are vividly reflected, and the exhibitors show strong cooperation intention after they understand the products.Some purchasers have brought technical difficulties encountered in the processing site. After Hu's technical guidance and process optimization, they are greatly satisfied, which further facilitates the on-site shopping demand.




   This is an industry event and a harvest trip.At this exhibition, all the samples of our products have been sold out. At the same time, we have returned with the valuable opinions of many end users and dealers.



   Tongling changjiang Diamond tools has made a long-term development in the stone industry in recent years, with a certain brand accumulation and steady development.With high quality products and good reputation, it occupies a pivotal position in the field of stone tools and equipment.Nevertheless, we still need to take a step further in this field. We will further improve the product quality supervision system, make every effort to build our brand strength and serve more users and friends.Welcome all business friends to Ali International Station for inquiries

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