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Double Layer Hole Saw for Stone And Concrete Countertops

Double Layer Hole Saw for Stone and Concrete Countertops
  • Double Layer
      Diameter        Up-layer              Diameter       Arbor   Drilling Depth
        45mm        67mm 

     5/8-11             1/2 BSP         Tri-angular 

       50mm       72mm         40mm
       54mm       74mm         40mm


FASTEST CORE BIT-drill most granite in under 50 seconds with water.
DESIGNED FOR WET/DRY-Can be used dry for masonry and soft stone such as   marble and limestone. Wet drilling recommended for concrete and granite.
2.5" LONG CORE BITS DESIGNED-for drilling the mounting holes in masonry, marble, granite,   and concrete countertops.
EXCELLENT SHARPNESS-The holes glossy and no scrap.

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